~Video~ 31.07.2013 SBS News + News Y Report


News Y


  • Korea cons will have live band & the american dance team
  • JS: Always thankful for my fans’ support. Talked about how overseas fans also sing along to Korean lyrics
  • Memorable fans? “No matter which country I go to, they will sing along with my Korean lyrics, and they will scream out in Korean”
  • “I think I must work harder seeing that they show me their most sincere smiles”
  • Introducing Incredible. Wide range of genres covered in this album. Incredible is a summer song.
  • Introducing his American activities! Talking about Uncommitted
  • “Before looking too far into the future, I worked hard on my current album. However, I will work hard in the future”
  • “Musicals are always different. For concerts, it’s okay if I just do well myself” but it’s different for musicals
  • “I’m enjoying my Asia Tour”
  • Announcer: YC & JJ are doing lots of acting activities
    JS: “It’s not that I don’t have interest in acting. I still have a lot to learn about musicals, so I want to work harder in that. Plus the other 2 are doing well. If later on there is a matching role, I may consider it”
  • 10 years of being a singer: As a singer, I’m very happy. But it’s been 4 years since I’ve been unable to go on broadcasts.
  • Plus it’s hard for my content to be seen.” Then he talked about overseas cons and that he is happy about overseas fans
  • People who have been sources of strengths for you: My staff, my family, my supportive fans, and my fans. Everything is thanks to my fans
  • I can’t always express my thanks to my fans, but I think that showing my best side on the stage is my way of repaying them.
  • “If there are fans who are waiting for me, I will definitely keep working.”
  • Announcer: After seeing you today, I know why fans love you

Credit: lovexiarin + JJYCJS YJJ
Summarised by: ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany + TohoNet Germany


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